About marisol

Marisol began her dance career when she was 11 years old, studying ballet and flamenco dance at the GGY School of Dance in Sydney. In 1991 she continued to persue her love of dance and gained entry into UWS (now Western Sydney University) completing a BA (Dance), where she studied ballet, contemporary dance, yoga and theatre. It was during this time in her life that Marisol found her true passion for flamenco dance - through the medium of contemporary dance. "I had never trained in contemporary dance before, however I found something about the grounding movements and the love of feeling my bare feet on the ground...maybe it was the 'gitana' (gypsy) in me, but somehow it drew me back to my flamenco roots and I thought to myself 'this is how I want to move...with my feet and body strongly connected to the ground." 

In 1996 Marisol travelled to Spain and studied at the renowned 'Amor de Dios' Flamenco Centre and School of Spanish Dance in Madrid.  She trained with great 'maestros' of flamenco La Tati, Timo Lozano, Josele and Pedro Azorín. In Australia she has also learnt from international artists Paloma Gomez and Antonio Vargas. 

Marisol began performing professionally at the age of 15 with the flamenco dance group 'Castañuelas' who performed extensively throughout NSW, performing at Restaurants, functions, weddings, festivals and cultural events such as the annual National Folkloric Festival at the Sydney Opera House. By the time Marisol was in her 20's she was a regular performer at the Spanish Restaurant Le Catalán in Mittagong NSW and at the Spanish Club Restaurant in Sydney. 

Marisol has been teaching Flamenco dance since 1991 however, in 1999 Marisol completed a Grad. Dip. Ed. (Dance/Drama) at UWS. In 2010 Marisol relocated  from Sydney to Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands NSW and it was in 2013 that Flamenco Solymar was established. In a short time Marisol's infectious love of flamenco dance and teaching spread throughout the community. Marisol also began to teach Spanish as a language in 2014 - today her dance and language school continues to grow with Marisol teaching dance, music and language to all age groups and people in the community. 

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