spanish at flamenco solymar

Marisol is Uruguayan born with her mother also Uruguayan and father Spanish. She arrived in Australia with her family in 1977 (at 4 years of age). At home she spoke Spanish with her parents and sister. Throughout her schooling, Marisol continued to learn Spanish formally (writing, reading and speaking) through after hours Spanish classes.

In highschool Marisol continued to learn Spanish until  year 10 level. The boredom of having to do the same course in year 7 and 8 and then again in year 9 and 10 was a huge deterent for her studying Spanish at HSC level. She continued to speak Spanish at home but never thought that she would ever be teaching Spanish as a profession! Marisol now has a new appreciation of the language and makes sure her classes are interesting and that her students are fully engaged and excited about learning - just as Marisol is excited about teaching them!

Every year the children's classes present a play in Spanish. The students look forward to this end of year play the most!  Marisol also organises food parties for end of term fiestas and tries to encourage her students to immerse themselves in the culture of Spanish Speaking countries (there are 21 of them!).

The classes are designed for children and adults of all levels. The various classes suit language levels of the students from beginner to intermediate. Students will learn conversational skills as well writing, reading, speaking and listening. Children and adults alike will enjoy the fun lessons which include learning through games, song, dance and drama.

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